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Connect with Your Audience Through Inspiring Visual Storytelling

From the moment I start a new project, my enthusiasm for researching and understanding the subject matter ignites. My conceptual planning into projects normally involves going out and personally meeting people connected to the subject/idea, as I believe gaining a strong personal insight before production begins is integral to a project’s success and effectiveness.

What I Do


Much like pre-production, production is my favourite of the three. Simply because it then allows me and the team to turn what once was ideas on paper into a reality. Creating physically/ visually and seeing it all come to life, that gaining a strong personal insight during pre-production is implemented and shown through the entirety of production.


Post is most commonly considered the end of a chapter, and almost always the end of a project. Many would find post production tiresome and repetitive and they're not wrong- but as someone who has dyslexia overviewing and making sure a piece is well done and completed to perfection is a stress I welcome wholeheartedly.

Meet Katie

Katie Mitchell does not limit herself with one form of media platform.  She expands her knowledge and gains knowledge of ways to present her work.  Photography has been a long life passion as well as filmmaking. Nevertheless she has embarked into the exciting world of immersive experiences. Katie doesn't just focus on what the audience might hear or see, she now focusses on how to make them physically feel immersed in a situation. 

I am a Visual Creator.


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